Invity is a helpful companion to help you protect your health, enhance physiology, and maintain youth in a long lasting convenient way.

As we age, the levels of hormones in the body decrease, leading to a decline not only in physical health, but also in physiological needs, affecting quality of life.

Fear no more as INVITY NMN+ WITH BIOSIRIN is a convenient, fast and effective solution to prolong youth, improve health and optimal physiology.

Certified by the US FDA and European CE for absolute health safety, the product is authentically manufactured and distributed from Singapore.

Ingredients in each pill of Invity

With main ingredients such as NMN+, Biosirin, Sirtuins, AMPK, and other substances, Invity will bring comprehensive effects to the health and physiology of both men and women.



NMN+ is a type of natural vitamin B that helps synthesize NAD+, which is the main fuel for all cellular activities. NMN+ has been clinically tested to ensure its safety and no side effects, helping to prolong life naturally.

Biosirin is a natural compound containing Gypenosides , which is extracted from the jiaogulan plant. Baicalin is extracted from cypress plant and Quercetin from gentian plant. These are all precious plants in traditional Chinese medicine that help prolong life thanks to their ability to activate two substances, Sirtuins and AMPK.

  • Sirtuins is a type of protein in the human body that regulates metabolic activities. Our lifestyle will affect Sirtuins in the body and their displacement will lead to metabolic diseases and cell damage.
  • AMPK is also an energy regulator in cells and works similarly to Sirtuins. AMPK activation has been found to have a potential for cancer prevention and longevity.

In addition, Biosirin also has anti-inflammatory effects on cells and the whole body, so it can reduce inflammation caused by aging, stress or allergies as well as support glucose metabolism and lower blood sugar.

10 golden uses of Invity pills

With only 2 pills of Invity per day, you will feel a marked improvement in overall health, beauty and physiology after 2 weeks. The product brings the following 10 outstanding uses:

  • Helps anti-aging and fades the signs of aging.
  • Promotes cell regeneration.
  • Prevents abnormal cell activity.
  • Protects and promotes comprehensive health.
  • Enhances natural longevity.
  • Enhances sexual health for both men and women.
  • Helps anti-inflammatory cells and body.
  • Strengthens the body’s natural immune system.
  • Supports blood sugar control.
  • Prevents dangerous diseases such as heart disease, liver, kidney, cancer.

* Note: The product is a supplement, not a drug, so it cannot replace medicine.

Who should use the product?

The product is made from natural ingredients, which are benign to health, especially promoting maximum effectiveness for the following subjects:

  • Consumers over 18 years old – it helps prolong life and fight against the aging process.
  • People who are often stressed – it helps reduce the oxidative effects of stress, thereby reducing the risk of metabolic diseases and improving quality of life.
  • Strong athletes – it increases endurance and energy while increasing cell recovery, improving muscle strength and tone.
  • People with chronic/metabolic diseases – it can relieve symptoms of chronic diseases and improve overall health.

The body will weaken over time if you do not take proper care of it every day. In addition to playing sports as well as balancing nutrition in the diet, you need to add the necessary substances from supplements, such as NMN + and Biosirin. Let Invity be your companion to protect and take care of you every day.

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