Mrs. Vietnam World Thu Hoai

“Success and beauty go hand in hand. I am confident that I have contributed to the perfect shape for thousands of Vietnamese women. After nearly 2 decades of continuous effort, Kho Thi strives to guarantee the 3 core values: prestige, quality, and dedication.”

Hoa hậu Quý bà Thu Hoài

“Time will prove my effort”

Mrs. Thu Hoai’s real name is Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai ,the founder of the Kho Thi Skincare & Clinic In addition to the title of Mrs. Vietnam World 2012, she is also known as a successful businesswoman, talented writer, and an inspirational person to thousands of Vietnamese women.

After years of establishing a career abroad, she came back to Vietnam and established Kho Thi in 2003. For nearly 2 decades, Kho Thi has been a safe haven for many customers, beauty lovers and artists, both domestically and abroad.

Leaving Taiwan for Vietnam and founding Kho Thi was a bold, ambitious but passionate decision. From the advantage of receiving the quintessence of the beauty and cosmetology industry of Taiwan, she distilled, developed, and designed the best services for thousands of Vietnamese women from her love and appreciation for beauty. Nowadays, Kho Thi is receiving a loads of love from customers, the fruit that years of hard work bears.

Hình ảnh Hoa hậu Quý bà Thu Hoài tại VTM Khơ Thị


Hoa hậu Thu Hoài tại lễ khai trương Khơ Thị 222 Trần Hưng Đạo


“Today’s Kho Thi and Kho Thi of the 2003s are still the same business, but of an upgraded and more complete version. The attentiveness, thoughtfulness, and sophistication in regards to service remains the same, but the latest technologies, machinery, and techniques in the world are always updated on a daily basis. That is also the main reason why for decades, customers have always trusted Kho Thi. They are as close to us as family members.”

– Miss Thu Hoai shared.

“To know whether a service is qualified, I experience it myself”

Mrs. Thu Hoai not only knows how to provide high-quality beauty techniques, but she also invests in advanced cosmetic technologies. She once said, “Nowadays, the desire to have a young and beautiful face and a slim body is the norm. Kho Thi constantly tries toquickly update and catch up with this trend. I personally test on myself to understand the experience and results of new technologies before feeling confident to introduce them to my customers.”

Hoa hậu Thu Hoài sử dụng Thermage FLX

Customers come to Kho Thi thanks to not only the reputation but also our enthusiasm. With increasing demands, customers’ requirements also have gotten higher, which pushes Kho Thi to consistently improve itself to match and catch up with the current trends and modern equipments. It is evident that Mrs. Thu Hoai can keep up with the ever-changing market.

After nearly 2 decades of development, Kho Thi Skincare & Clinic is proud to be the pioneer brand to help bring out a radiant beauty with a “million-dollar” beauty technologies, such as Picosure for pigmentation treatment and skin regeneration, Thermage FLX for lifting and rejuvenating muscles, Ultherapy for removing wrinkles, Hydrafacial for detoxing skin, Vaser for liquefying fat and creating a slim body, and many more.

Hoa hậu Thu Hoài trong lễ ký kết chuyển giao công nghệ

To help others beautify themselves, Mrs. Thu Hoai works to perfect herself. Being at the age which makes every woman concern about, she makes others admire her with her young and beautiful appearance. The owner of Kho Thi uses herself as an example to communicate with her customers a life motto and also the operating principle of Kho Thi for many years: “There are no ugly women. There are only women who do not know how to make themselves pretty”. If you want to make your dream come true, do place your trust in Kho Thi.