Leading a new beauty trend with Aqualip – lip spray and treatment technology at Kho Thi Aesthetic Clinic is exploding. We welcome all lip conditions such as dark lips, pale lips, and blurred lip borders.

Plump, soft lips are inviting and a symbol of women’s seduction. In modern days, women all need makeup to be confident when socializing. However, not everyone has enough time and knowledge on how to make up attractive lips. Many women would come to tattoo salons to enhance their lips.

Many Kho Thi clients complained that they had done lip spray in a few places before with reasonable prices, but most of them found it difficult to get their desired colors. In some cases, the expected colors quickly became dull or pale after a short time.

The problem is not entirely due to the quality of the ink or the skill of the permanent makeup artists. People often overlook a very important factor in deciding the effectiveness of lip spray, because they don’t know that one needs to have proper treatment of the old ink color. Although some do give customers several treatment sessions, this does not provide much improvement.

Kho Thi’s Aqualip Lip Spray and Treatment Technology has been highly approved thanks to not only the top lip spray technique and the supreme quality of imported ink, but also the proprietary old ink color treatment technique which is meticulous and thorough. The treatment before performing lip spray of Aqualip technology is suitable to solve the conditions as follows:

  • Lips that are pale or dark by nature or due to any factors.
  • Lips that have been sprayed but did not have the expected color or had an uneven color.
  • Lips with old or damaged ink color that needs to be reprocessed. 
  • Lips with borders that need to be redrawn to create a super youthful, sexy lip shape.
  • Lips whose imperfections are to be blurred and whose charm is to be highlighted.

Kho Thi’s high-quality specialists’ skills guarantee lips to be stable in color, neither too dark nor too light, evenly colored, and always looking fresh and glossy. Kho Thi is proud to say that we have never disappointed our customers with Aqualip lip spray and treatment technology.

Advantages of Kho Thi’s proprietary Aqualip lip spray technology:

  • Ink colors are extracted from natural herbs which are non-toxic.
  • Lip colors are natural and bright pink.
  • There are a lot of different colors and shades available.
  • Customers can save time and spend less money on buying makeup.
  • There is no swelling, no pain, and no need to go on a diet.
  • The technique provides absolute safety, lasting effect, and color retention.
  • There is no need to rest after the lip spray and treatment. 
  • The treatment session is short.
  • After three days, the lips will naturally peel off and the dark will gradually disappear to make room for a naturally pink color.

Một số hình ảnh khách hàng phun môi xử lý Aqualip tại Khơ Thị:

A perfect, seductive beauty would not be complete without fresh and plump lips. Immediately contact Hotline 1900 6717 for a free consultation on Kho Thi’s Aqualip lip spray and treatment technology.

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