Advantages of the keloid injection method

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  • Removes keloids, fades dark spots for a long time.
  • Regenerates youthful, smooth skin.
  • Improves large pores, acne, no longer rough skin
  • Increases collagen production to firm skin.
  • Does not cause complications or any damage to neighboring areas.
  • Creates no pain and requires no recovery time.

Who should use keloid injections?

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Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic uses scar dissolving injection technology containing a series of essences that act to dissolve scar tissues, making the skin smoother. This keloid treatment method is suitable for the following subjects:

  • Both male and female.
  • New or long-standing keloid scars.
  • Keloid scars of varying severity.
  • Those who tried many ineffective methods to treat keloids or suffered from the scars which resurfaces.

Is keloid injection safe?

Keloid injection is the most effective and safest method of scar treatment today. Doctors will inject an active ingredient directly into the scar tissues to destroy the fibrous tissues of the scar in order to soften and deflate the scar quickly.

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Although scar injection is very simple, it requires a lot of experience for the doctor/technician to perform. When injecting, our staffe will bring the needle tip into the layer that produces collagenase. The amount of collagenase in the keloid area will increase, which helps to degenerate the excess amount of benign collagen creating keloid scars, causing them to gradually disappear.

Before injecting, the doctor/ technician needs to carefully check that the needle is not blocked. Because the keloid area is very hard, it is easy for the needle to get stuck, causing pain during the process. The injection should be carried out directly into the scar to limit pain, discomfort feeling and avoid adverse effects on the surrounding skin.

Therefore, customers need to find a reputable location for safe keloid scar injection to gain their expected results.

The procedure of keloid injection at Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic

At Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic, keloid injection is performed by experienced estheticians. Precise injection into the scar site is done to ensure that the keloid is quickly flattened. At the same time, the client will not feel pain.

Specifically, the keloid injection procedure at Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic goes through the following steps:

– Examination and consultation. Customers are met by experts who assess the condition of keloids on the body. Then, they calculate an appropriate dose of active ingredients and effective scar treatment for each case.

– Cleaning and anesthesia of the treatment area. Experts will clean and numb the area to be treated 15 minutes before injecting the keloid in order to create a comfortable feeling for the customer during the implementation.

– Injection for keloids. Specialists use specialized needles to inject directly into the scar. Depending on the location and the condition of the scar, they will adjust the dose of different injections to remove the scar.

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– Post-injection care for keloids. After the injection is complete, the customer is instructed on how to care for the skin area to maintain the effect for a long time.

Dos and don’ts after keloid treatment

  • Clean the scar treatment area exactly as directed by the doctor.
  • Avoid letting the injected area be exposed to the sun so that the skin does not darken.
  • Do not touch or rub the injected skin.
  • Limit eating foods that cause swelling and keloids such as seafood, water spinach, sticky foods, and chicken.
  • Follow-up examination and treatment of keloids for the next time as directed by the doctor

*** In addition to the method of keloid injection, Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic also applies surgical methods to treat keloids. Depending on the scar condition, our doctor will advise and specify a reasonable approach.

Please contact Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic for detailed advice on services, cost, and promotional programs for keloid treatment.

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