Beautiful ladies need eyebrows which are thin, smooth, medium in density, and proportionate. For thin, sparse eyebrows, Kho Thi has a way to instantly transform them beautifully with our modern tattoo spraying/sculpting techniques.



Eyebrow pencil is almost one of the inseparable items of most women. Many women will feel much less confident if they forget a sharp eyebrow every time they go out. But we do not always have time or meticulousness to paint beautiful eyebrows. Furthermore, this is just a temporary solution for those who are skillful.

That is the reason why many women have come to Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic to perform eyebrow tattoo spraying / sculpting methods. With just a few gentle steps, customers already own elegant eyebrows, brightening the face.

With Kho Thi’s modern eyebrow tattoo spraying/sculpting techniques, you will easily own perfect eyebrows that are 99% real and do not reveal any cosmetic traces. In particular, the techniques minimize the feeling of pain and do not cause changes in ink color later. Best of all, they are applicable to all ages and genders.

Ombre eyebrow spray technique



Ombre eyebrow spray is an eyebrow spray technique that simulates the natural shape of real eyebrows in Korean style. This is a semi-permanent eyebrow spray technique, helping to create gloss for the eyebrows, evenly covering the sparse and pale eyebrows, creating a sense of harmony with aesthetics that are many times more superior than traditional eyebrow spray techniques.

With a team of experts with many years of experience in the field of tattoo spraying, Kho Thi confidently brings to you:

  • Elegant, sharp and attractive eyebrows.
  • Fate Change with feng shui eyebrows.
  • Smooth thin pencil effect.
  • Delicate and natural standardized beauty.



Advantages of Ombre eyebrow spray technique in Kho Thi:

  • High-class Korean tattoo ink for the right color, naturally dark and light.
  • No smudging, no fading, and no spotting.
  • No pain, no irritation, and no allergies.
  • Long-term ink retention up to over 2 years, depending on each individual.
  • Performed by skilled and experienced professionals.

4HD – 6 HD threaded eyebrow sculpture technique



There are many methods to beautify eyebrows such as spraying, embroidering, and tattooing, but it was not until the technique of “threaded eyebrow sculpture” was born and developed that it was possible to create new eyebrows with natural beauty.

Threaded eyebrow sculpture originates from Europe. Instead of using a needle, the technician uses an engraving knife to create alternating thick and thin strands that have the length and curvature that are close to the real eyebrow hair. Thanks to that technique, this trend has been very popular and it shows no signs of cooling down in Asia – where both women and men are often characterized by indistinct eyebrows, sparse hair, pale eyebrow’s tip and short eyebrow’s tail.



Currently, the exclusive 4HD – 6HD threaded eyebrow sculpture technology in Kho Thi is chosen by many people because the eyebrow shape after sculpting will be elegant, natural, and harmonious like real eyebrows:

  • This method is suitable for both men and women with many defects in eyebrows, such as badly shaped, blurred, sparse, having few, thin and pale fibers, lack of threads at the head or tail of the eyebrow; or those whose eyebrows used to be tattoo sprayed but have been damaged or become green or red.
  • With the 4HD eyebrow sculpting method, the technician will use a carving knife to create each thick and thin eyebrow interwoven with the same length and curvature as the real eyebrow. Therefore, the eyebrow shape is more natural and harmonious with the face than those of the old methods.
  • 6HD eyebrow sculpting technique will be the same as 4HD eyebrow sculpting, but there will be a combination of threaded sculpting and light spraying to help sharper eyebrows.
  • It is almost painless. Before the treatment, our technician will measure and draw the eyebrow shape in harmony with each customer’s face. When the customer is satisfied, the sculpting will begin.

The technique of creating eyebrow threads with Hair Strokes machine



In recent years, eyebrow sculpting techniques have been in the limelight, gradually taking over traditional eyebrow tattooing techniques with “dark” color which is easily prone to going green or red, and hard to be retreated when you need a new eyebrow shape.

However, these sculpting techniques still have some shortcomings such as sculpting with hand tools. So if the technician is not skilled, the eyebrows are likely to be undesirably big and rough, or the long time for the implementation can cause burning, damage on the skin, making recovery time slow.



The birth of Hair Strokes, the technique of creating eyebrow threads with a machine, is a remarkable development and improvement in the current eyebrow cosmetic techniques, comprehensively overcoming the shortcomings of previous eyebrow sculpting techniques with typical advantages such as:

  • Eyebrow threads are made entirely by a high-tech thread making machine, which requires the operator to have really stable skills.
  • The machine uses a nano needle tip to put the ink deeper under the skin without causing damage or numbness.
  • The technique creates long, thin eyebrows at both ends. Therefore, the eyebrows are soft and delicate, simulating the natural eyebrow shape.
  • Nano needles used are made of surgical steel according to FDA regulations which are absolutely safe and can put ink deeper under the skin without causing damage, burning, or skin opening.
  • The technique is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin. Regardless of your skin type, it completely does not affect ink absorption, does not cause thread expansion, or ink smudges.
  • This is a European technology with imported ink, more durable than previous sculpting techniques. Color retention time is up to 2-3 years.



For more detailed advice on eyebrow tattoo spraying/ sculpting services, please call Hotline 1900 6717 or visit Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic.

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