Aging can cause the upper eyelid skin to lose its elasticity, affecting the function of our eyes. Besides, excess skin and fat in the upper eyelids also adversely affect the aesthetics of the face. To address these issues, lower eyelid surgery is the solution.

What is lower eyelid surgery?

Lower eyelid surgery is a simple surgery to remove excess skin and fat in the upper eyelid skin below the eyebrow. This beauty method aims to help reduce excess skin and wrinkles in the eyelid skin as well as improve the function and aesthetics of the eyes.

After an eyelid surgery under the eyebrows, customers will eliminate the worry about wrinkled and lifeless eyes which make the face tired and older than the real age. Besides, certain difficulties in wearing eye makeup because of the wrinkled and sagging skin under the eyelids will also be solved.

Who should undergo the lower eyelid surgery?

  • Senior citizens whose elasticity of the skin in the eyelids has been reduced.
  • People with excess skin and wrinkles on the eyelids.
  • People who need to improve the aesthetics of the eye area.

Advantages of lower eyelid surgery

  • It improves vision function for eyes
  • It increases the aesthetics of the face
  • It is a simple minor surgery, which is quick to perform with minimal risk
  • It is performed by professional estheticians
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The procedure of performing eyelid surgery under the eyebrow

Our doctors/ specialists will:

Step 1: Examine and consult customers with the best remedy

Step 2: Measure and draw the points that need intervention and anesthesia

Step 3: Carry out the surgery

Step 4: Close the incision with super thin cosmetic thread, leaving no bad scars

Step 5: Give guidance for post-operative care to achieve the best cosmetic results.

Post-operative care:

Customers should:

  • Clean the wound every day
  • Follow doctor’s indications
  • Get thread trimmed after 5-7 days
  • Avoid eating foods that cause keloid scars such as beef, water spinach, and sticky rice.

Kho Thi Aesthetic Institute is one of the leading beauty institutes that ensures professional quality with a team of dedicated medical doctors and a system of modern technological equipment. We apply the most advanced aesthetic technologies and provide a pleasant and safe space with the highest sterilization standards.

Customers can directly visit Kho Thi Aesthetic Institute for examination or contact our hotline to be supported.

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