V-line chin implant is a gentle minor surgery, shaping the chin with a length and protrusion in harmony with the face, helping to overcome the situation of short, low or imbalanced chin in both men and women. At Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic, this method is carried out quickly, causing no pain, and leaving stable and long-lasting results.

What is V-line chin implant?

V-line chin implant, also known as artificial chin implant, is a facial cosmetic technology to create a slim and elegant V-shaped chin. This is a popular beauty trend in most Asian countries today, including Vietnam.

Tùy tình trạng gương mặt Bác sĩ sẽ lựa chọn miếng độn có kích thước phù hợp

V-line chin implant is just a minor surgery which is done gently, quickly and safely. This method allows us to correct short, receding or thin chin in the most perfect way by using genuine imported chin filler materials.

Who is suitable for chin augmentation surgery?

Chin implant surgery is the most optimal solution to provide customers with a slim, balanced and natural beauty and a standard “golden ratio” face.

V line chin implant is suitable for the following subjects:

  • Those with a short chin. The distance from the bottom of the nose to the lowest point of the chin is shorter than the distance from the bottom of the nose to the position between the eyebrows.
  • Those with a thin chin. The chin is thinner than the normal chin, making the face disproportionate.
  • Those with a low chin. The chin is concave inward, losing the I line shape, making the face unsightly.
  • Those with an unbalanced chin lacking protrusion. Those who want to own a perfect V-line chin.

Chin implant surgery procedure

  • Step 1: Visit and consultation

A doctor examines the chin, measures, draws to determine the size of the implant, and prescribes the most suitable surgical method.

  • Step 2: Health check

In order to ensure safety and no risks during the surgery.

  • Step 3: Anesthesia and the removal the filler material

The doctor will disinfect and numb the treatment area so that the client does not feel uncomfortable during the procedure. At the same time, the doctor proceeds to trim the filler material according to the appropriate ratio so that the chin shape after the implant is the most natural and suitable for each customer’s face.

  • Step 4: Chin implant surgery

The doctor uses specialized instruments to create a microscopic line in the lining of the mouth. Here, a doctor will conduct a dissection of the oral cavity to put the implant into the position determined from the beginning, creating a length and protrusion proportioned with one’s face ratio. The implant will be adjusted to a balanced position and firmly fixed so that it does not move backwards.

Advantages of the method of chin augmentation to create a V-line face

  • The chin is slim and in harmony with the overall face

V-line chin surgery at Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic will be performed by a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors. With detailed aesthetic eyes, the doctor will trim the cartilage and perform precise surgery every millimeter so that you have a natural beautiful chin and face harmony.

  • Absolutely safe

High-quality chin implant material is imported directly from Korea, so it has high compatibility and does not cause rejection reactions within the body.

  • Long lasting

V-line chin surgery method helps you quickly own a new, beautiful and elegant face. Moreover, just performing chin surgery once will bring a lifetime effect without any complications.

  • No scars left

V-line chin implant surgery is performed through a small incision located inside the oral cavity, so it does not cause cosmetic loss or reveal scars to the outside.

Sở hữu cằm V-line thời thượng ngay sau khi thực hiện

Dos and Don’ts after the surgery: 

  • Take medicine and clean your mouth as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Apply ice to the chin area for the first 24 hours after the procedure to reduce swelling.
  • Use compression bandage to shape the face as directed by the doctor.
  • On the first day after surgery, eat liquid foods such as porridge and soup.
  • Take care of your teeth carefully, do not brush it hard, and regularly gargle it with mouthwash or dilute salt water so that the wound does not become infected.
  • Do not eat foods that cause the wound to fester, leaving bad scars such as seafood, water spinach, beef, chicken, sticky and rice.
  • Avoid eating foods that are too hot or too cold.
  • Consume soft or liquid foods such as soup, porridge, and fruit juice.
  • Visit our clinic by appointment or when the wound is abnormal.
  • Take pain relievers and antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Do not arbitrarily remove the fixed bandage in the first 24 hours.
  • Wear a mask, and avoid collisions in the chin area for the first week.

Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic is one of the beauty facilities that ensures professional quality with a team of leading medical doctors, a system of modern technological equipment, the application of the most advanced aesthetic technologies, and polite space, as well as safe and maximum sterilization.

Customers can directly go to Kho Thi Beauty Spa and Clinic for examination or contact our hotline for support.

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