Temple filler helps to fix the concave temples without surgery. This method ensures high safety, bringing a fuller and more balanced face.

What are temple fillers?

Filler is a safe compound with the main ingredient being Hyaluronic Acid containing up to 98% saline. With its hydrophilic property, it is often indicated to fill wrinkles (wrinkles due to loss of tissue volume), deep eye sockets, rhinoplasty, as well as sunken forehead or temples.

Tiêm làm đầy thái dương với filler rất an toàn và ứng dụng rộng rãi

Filling temples is a method where a doctor will use a micro needle to put the filler directly into the temple, helping to fill in the hollows so that the temple will be full quickly. This technology also helps a lot for women balance their facial proportions, look more youthful, and contribute to changing their feng shui.

Who should do temple fillers? 

  • Clients who have congenital sunken temples.
  • Those whose temples are sunken due to being too thin or due to the influence of physical diseases.
  • Both men and women aged 26 years and over.

The procedure of filler temples

A doctor will:

Step 1: Examine the treatment area and accurately diagnose the injection site and the filler dose to be injected for the best aesthetic results.

Tiêm filler làm đầy thái dương với bác sĩ tay nghề cao

Step 2: Disinfect, numb the temples, and put the client into a relaxed state.
Step 3: Perform temple filling.
Step 4: Give instructions on how to take care of the filled temples:

  • Apply ice for the first day after the injection.
  • Avoid the two temples to be strongly impacted, causing the fillers to move that can risk ruining the desired aesthetic look.
  • Do not massage, steam or do other treatments on the face for at least 2 weeks to limit the displacement of the fillers.
  • Clean the treatment area with physiological saline.
  • Drink plenty of water and rest properly for long-lasting cosmetic results.

Filling temples safely and effectively at Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic

Temple filler is a modern cosmetic trend that many people choose. With just a micro injection and simple gentle manipulation, the defective temple area will be filled quickly and safely. However, the effectiveness of the beauty treatment depends on the implementation facility. Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic commits to all customers that we have:

Great aesthetics

Vùng thái dương bị hõm móp sẽ trở nên đầy đặn, căng mịn, cân đối với khuôn mặt. Đồng thời, những nếp nhăn quanh khóe mắt cũng được “lấp đầy”, mang đến diện mạo trẻ trung, tươi mới.

Quick results

The sunken temples will become full, smooth, and in balance with the face. At the same time, the wrinkles around the corners of the eyes are also “filled”, giving a youthful and fresh appearance.

Tiêm filler làm đầy thái dương

Absolutely safet

The process of filling temples is very quick with simple operations. The implementation time only takes 5-10 minutes, saving maximum beauty time for busy customers. In particular, the effect can be seen immediately after the treatment and completely natural beauty after only 2 days.

No pain

The method of temple filler does not cause any harm to users. It does not cause pain and swelling like traditional surgery, so this is a safe and suitable beauty solution for those who are afraid of pain.

No complications

Filler is a substance that is not able to move from one location to another, so when injected into a certain location, it will not affect the surrounding areas on the face. All in all, it has no complications affecting surrounding areas.

No scars left

With this method, the needle is used to put the filler into the dermis, the subcutaneous dermis with a very small injection tip, which will not leave any traces on the skin.

Quick recovery

Because it does not require surgery and does not cause open wounds, right after the injection, you can resume normal activities without any downtime.

Currently, the service of filling temples with filler is having a great promotion. Please call Hotline 1900.6717 or leave your information below to be contacted for advice.

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