Having luscious and attractive lips is always a dream of everyone, but not everyone is blessed with it. Some of us are born with thick, dark, ugly lips, making them extremely unconfident when communicating.

Therefore, lip reduction surgery was created as a direct remedy for those who do not have naturally beautiful lips in order to help create sexy lips.

What is lip reduction surgery?

Lip reduction surgery is a simple minor surgery that corrects the mucosal area of the lips to create a natural balance for the lips and small ripples for lips to be sexier.

Phẫu thuật cắt môi dày thành môi mỏng

The excess lip that needs to be removed is located at the border of wet and dry lips towards the mucosa, so there will be no scars on the lip area after the surgery.

With a relatively simple operation, lip reduction surgery requires short recovery time, and its results are maintained for a long time.

Advantages of lip reduction surgery in Kho Thi

  • This is a simple surgery within about 30-45 minutes
  • It gives customers slim, soft, charming, and natural lips
  • It is absolutely safe with minimal invasion and does not hurt the surrounding areas.
  • It guarantees a long-lasting result.
  • There is no pain or scar, with little recovery time.
  • It helps to correct lip defects such as lip deviation, thick lips, or uneven upper lip and lower lip.
  • It is performed by highly specialized Korean doctors with many years of experience in the field of cosmetology.

Doctors performing the surgery

Lip reduction surgery (from thick to thin lips) at Kho Thi Aesthetic Institute is performed by leading doctors who are highly skilled with many years of experience to ensure safety and aesthetics.

Implementation process

Our doctors will

Step 1: Examine and give consultation
Step 2: Give a local anesthetic
Step 3: Draw lip shape
Step 4: Perform surgery. Doctor/ Doctors will remove the lip mucosa that needs to be narrowed and excess soft tissue, then sew the two edges of the mucosa together with cosmetic sutures. In case the lips are too thick, doctor(s) can consider removing a little tissue of the lip sphincter.
Step 5: Provide care, examination and guidance as prescribed.

Trước và sau khi Phẫu thuật cắt môi dày thành môi mỏng

DOs and DONT’s after a lip reduction surgery

  • Actively apply cooling for the first 2 days after surgery (put cool water in a plastic bag, apply 5-7 times a day for 15 minutes each time).
  • Take medicine according to the doctor’s prescription and instructions
  • Return for a follow-up examination and thread removal as scheduled.
  • Do not brush your teeth for 3 days after surgery.
  • Do not touch the wound to avoid infection.
  • Avoid strong collisions in the lip area after performing, and wash your face gently so that the stitches heal quickly.
  • Refrain from foods such as water spinach, chicken, beef, seafood, and sticky foods in the first month after the surgery.

Why Kho Thi is chosen for lip reduction?

  • We have a team of highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated to each client.
  • We are committed to the results after surgery. There is an agreement signed with each customer.
  • We possess modern, preeminent aesthetic technologies.
  • The cosmetic procedures are professional and safe with medical standards.
  • The facilities are of 5-star standard.
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