Are you feeling embarrassed or find it inconvenient because your hair grows thick or grows in unwanted places? Let the world leading hair removal method, Hair Motif Remover technology at Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic help you!

Hair Motif Remover technology for permanent hair removal

With many improvements in technology, hair removal with the Hair Motif Remover method is an optimal solution to say goodbye to the most “stubborn” hair areas. This is a method of hair removal with intelligent OPT optimal pulse technology which can accurately and effectively remove hair on all skin types.

  • PRECISION OF HAIR REMOVAL: Hair Motif Remover technology will emit energy laser towards each hair follicle. After the energy penetrates and settles under the skin, it quickly converts to heat which makes the hairs weak, fall out naturally and not be able to regrow.
  • EFFECTIVENESS ON EACH SKIN: the device has 2 contact heads specifically used for narrow skin areas and wide skin areas. For wide skin areas, the machine glides quickly without missing any hair follicles.
  • Triệt lông nách - Cam kết sạch lông - Bảo hành lâu dài
  • ERADICATION OF ALL HAIR TYPES: the device removes all hair types from the back, chest, abdomen, legs to sensitive areas, such as bikini area, private area/ around-the-lip area, and armpit area.
  • SAFETY WITH NO SKIN BURN: instead of relying on technicians who use old technologies, the extremely intelligent Hair Motif Remover technology automatically adjusts the temperature and frequency. In addition, the direct cold technique of 50 degrees Celsius helps to protect the skin surface, without causing redness or burning pain.
Triệt lông chân cho thân láng mịn, sạch sẽ
  • SHORTENED TREATMENT: hair can be removed after one session or several times more depending on each customer’s body and hair density.

Who is suitable for Hair Motif Remover technology?

  • Both men and women.
  • Those who need to remove hair in large areas, such as the back, chest, abdomen, and legs.
  • Those who need to remove hair in sensitive areas, such as bikini, private area, around-the-lip area, and armpit area.
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Supermodel Vu Ha Anh reviews hair removal services in Kho Thi

The permanent hair removal process in Kho Thi

Step 1: Examination & Consultation

You will be examined by our specialists, to check the area to be removed to give the most appropriate wave level. Then photos will be taken in order to compare the results after the treatment.

Step 2: The cleaning of the treatment area

Vệ sinh vùng cần triệt lông

You will have a technician clean your treatment area so that the Hair Motif Remover process is quick and accurate for each hair follicle.

Step 3: The application of a specialized gel

A technician will apply a specialized gel to soften your skin and avoid friction while treating it.

Bôi gel chuyên dụng hỗ trợ triệt lông

Step 4: Hair removal treatment

Our hair removal machine with Hair Motif Remover technology will be used to treat your hair follicles.

Đi máy triệt lông

Step 5: The completion of the process

Our technician will help you clean the treatment area and use cosmetics to protect the skin of that area.

ESPECIALLY, when removing hair at Kho Thi Skincare and Clinic, customers will be under WARRANTY for a long time, depending on the treatment area.

Immediately contact Kho Thi via Hotline 1900.6717 to soon experience the effectiveness of today’s leading Hair Motif Remover technology, helping you quickly say goodbye to “stubborn” hair areas as well as bringing you soft, fresh and supple skin. smooth and fresh. Many of our customers have said goodbye to “stubborn hair” forever, and it’s your turn now!

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