Without too much interference in the nasal structure, a gentle correction to a part of the nose can immediately give you a beautiful, natural, and trendy nose that is harmonious with the overall face. 4D SoftForm semi-structural rhinoplasty technology provides you with the outstanding advantages.

What is 4D SoftForm Semi-Structural Rhinoplasty?



Currently, there are a host of rhinoplasty techniques with various names on the market. In essence, they are divided into 3 main groups, rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage, rhinoplasty with natural cartilage, and structural rhinoplasty (natural cartilage combined with artificial cartilage).

In particular, structural rhinoplasty includes 2 technologies, reconstructive rhinoplasty and semi-structural rhinoplasty. If reconstructive rhinoplasty technology corrects the entire nose structure, semi-structural rhinoplasty only partially affects the nose. That’s why the operation is simpler, the implementation time is shorter, and the recovery time is from 7 to 10 days. Your nose will be in a stable form after about 1 month.

Semi-structural rhinoplasty technology intervenes to mainly correct the bridge, the tip, and the pillar of a nose. It therefore comprehensively corrects defects and embellishes the golden ratio of a nose shape.



4D SoftForm is an exclusive semi-structural rhinoplasty technology in Kho Thi which uses a combination of high-quality biological cartilage imported from Korea and natural cartilage to:

  • Raise the bridge of the nose with high-quality Korean bio-cartilage. Since the compatibility is up to 99%, we can flexibly choose S-Line or S-Line form according to customer needs.
  • Correct the tip of a nose and rebuild a nose pillar with natural cartilage which has absolute compatibility, preventing red nose, exposing the bridge, and slipping it.

Nose treated with 4D SoftForm semi-structural technology has the following perfect features:

  • The nose shape meets with the golden ratio, which is symmetrical on both sides with slim nose tip and lemon seed-shaped nostrils.
  • The nose bridge is straight, high, and naturally beautiful with elegant Asian-standard, S-Line form, or trendy Western-standard, L-Line form.
  • High-quality bio-cartilage offers long retention time, durability and flexibility, eliminating the worry of collision.

The difference between 4D SoftForm semi-structural rhinoplasty technology and other rhinoplasty technologies

The difference compared to rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage

The first difference between these two technologies is the type of cartilage that each uses. While the others only use artificial cartilage, 4D SoftForm utilizes a combination of both artificial and natural cartilage, minimizing the risk of red nose, exposing the bridge, and slipping it. Each type of cartilage, artificial and autologous one, will be used for a specific compatible site.

Rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage is usually indicated for customers who have good body conditions with no allergy and can easily be receptive to artificial cartilage. For those whose bodies are less resilient and whose nose structure needs to be improved, we will choose the technology of reconstructive rhinoplasty or semi-structural rhinoplasty, depending on each case.

Compared to rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage, 4D SoftForm technology can overcome more nose defects, such as big nose tip, short nose pillar, flat nose, deviated nose, and upturned nose.



How to do it?

  • As to rhinoplasty with artificial cartilage, doctors only need to make an incision in the area of ​​​​the wings and the tip of the nose, and then conduct a dissection to put the artificial cartilage in.
  • 4D SoftForm rhinoplasty is more complicated. First, doctors need to raise the bridge of the nose with artificial cartilage. Next, they take natural cartilage and cut it according to the measurement ratio, then use the cartilage to build the nose post and cover the tip of the nose. Finally, they correct the shape of the nose and close the incision with cosmetic sutures.

The difference compared to the reconstructive rhinoplasty technology

In essence, reconstructive rhinoplasty and semi-structural rhinoplasty are both technologies that use a combination of both natural cartilage and artificial cartilage to lift the nose, but the biggest difference between these two technologies is the degree of interference with nasal structure.

Semi-structural rhinoplasty only interferes with a part of the nose structure, which is suitable for those with few defects in the nose and do not need too much correction. Therefore, its procedure time is shorter than reconstructive rhinoplasty, with about 30-45 minutes. The recovery time is about 7-10 days and the time to have a stable form is about one month.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty is the most advanced and high-end rhinoplasty technology on the market today. It comprehensively interferes with the entire nose structure. The technology is suitable for all nose conditions, especially the noses that have been repaired or deformed due to an accident or those that have several structural defects. Reconstructive rhinoplasty even interferes with the nasal bones to radically improve such problems as rough noses, crooked noses, hooked noses, and a big nose tip. Therefore, its procedure time is longer, about 60 minutes, the recovery time is about 2-4 weeks, and the time to have a stable form is about two months.

Depending on the condition of each nose, our doctors will appoint the most suitable method of implementation.

The procedure for implementing 4D SoftForm semi-structural rhinoplasty

Step 1: Examination and consultation. Our doctors will examine the status of the clients’ nose structure, listen to the customers share his/her wishes, and thereby recommend the most appropriate method of rhinoplasty.



Step 2: General health check. Customers will take necessary tests to ensure health conditions before surgery.

Step 3: Anesthesia or pre-anesthesia (depending on customers’ body). This step is performed to avoid pain arising during surgery.

Step 4: Cartilage preparation. Our doctors will prepare artificial cartilage ,take natural cartilage (ear cartilage or costal cartilage), and cut the cartilage to the correct size and defined standard form.

Step 5: Rhinoplasty surgery. Our doctors will perform a dissection of the nasal cavity, use artificial cartilage to raise the bridge of the nose, then use natrual cartilage to cover the tip of the nose and rebuild the nasal pillar.

Step 6: Incision closure. Our doctors will close the incision with a medical thread and clean the surgical area.

Step 7: Post-operative care and advice. Our doctors will examine, give advice and make an appointment for a follow-up examination.

How long does a 4D SoftForm semi-structural rhinoplasty take to look good? How long can the nose shape be kept?

After the surgery, the nose needs time to recover and return to a stable form. Normally, about 7 to 10 days after that, the swelling and bruising will start to disappear, and about 1 to 2 months after surgery the nose will start to stabilize depending on each body condition.

During this time, the nose needs to be taken care of very carefully to speed up the recovery. Customers need to regularly clean it with pure saline water, actively apply hot and cold compresses, limit vigorous exercises, select food intake to avoid allergies, and adjust sleeping positions.

Theoretically, semi-structural rhinoplasty can be kept forever if a client’s anatomy is good and properly cared for. However, if he/ she wants to change to a new nose shape, or an unexpected accident occurs that affects the shape of the nose, it is possible to use rhinoplasty to improve it.

Why should you choose 4D SoftForm semi-structural rhinoplasty in Kho Thi?



  • Kho Thi is a famous and prestigious 5-star quality beauty clinic, with nearly 20 years of operation in the beauty industry.
  • Kho Thi has a team of highly specialized plastic surgeons with over 10 years of experience, full degrees and practice certificates, having successfully performed thousands of cases.
  • Kho Thi possesses high-grade cartilage imported from Korea which is absolutely safe with 100% biological original.
  • In Kho Thi, each customer is thoroughly examined and consulted by a doctor/ doctors before performing the procedure.
  • Kho Thi provides dedicated and thoughtful care before, during and after surgery.

Pictures of customers who successfully semi-structural rhynoplasty at Khơ Thị





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