Today, a beautiful figure is the dream of many women. One of the effective methods to help purify the body that many women trust in is using 10 Day Detox herbal tea.

Sản phẩm tin dùng để duy trì vóc dáng của Hoa hậu Thu Hoài.

Being distilled from natural ingredients, extracted from precious herbs, and passed through rigorous selection stages, 10 Day Detox Herbal Tea is meant to create delicious cups of tea and bring positive effects into the body. Above all, this is also a solution to help women achieve their desired figure in the shortest time.

10 Day Detox is a type of herbal tea made from completely natural ingredients, which is an effective solution to help detoxify, purify the body, and eliminate toxins. Hence, it helps to improve health from within and regenerate fresh and refreshing energy outside.


The tea helps to:

Improve body shape. The tea is highly effective in eliminating fat, limiting fat absorption, and cleaning the intestinal system, which will help prevent being overweight and obesity. It is especially effective for women who want to have an ideal body shape after giving birth or people who are long-term obese and need to regain a balanced body.

Beautify and rejuvenate skin. From the natural herbal ingredients as a source of nourishing youthful and rosy skin, preventing acnes and blackheads from deep inside thanks to the effect of purification, liver cooling, and toxin elimination.

Relaxing the mind. The tea helps reduce stress and fatigue, repels symptoms of insomnia, and maintains a fresh spirit.


Golden reishi mushroom, lotus leaf, ground ginseng, bitter melon, cinnamon and many other rare herbs.


Soak 2 tea bags in about 300 – 500 ml of boiling water and wait for about 10 minutes. After that, it should be used all at once (in no more than 30 minutes) to help eliminate toxins most effectively while still ensuring the delicious taste of the tea. Drink continuously for 30 days or until the desired body shape/weight is reached.


(4 hộp/ 4 tháng) Uống liên tục trong 10 ngày (mỗi ngày 1 túi lọc) để đạt hiệu quả như mong muốn. Sau đó, tạm ngưng 10 ngày để cơ thể thích nghi. Tiếp tục giãn cách liều lượng 03 ngày uống 01 lần (01 túi lọc) liên tục trong 3 tháng, hoặc đến khi đạt vóc dáng như mong muốn. Sau liệu trình này, có thể nghỉ ngơi 30 ngày và nếu muốn duy trì việc detox có thể lặp lại liệu trình chuẩn như ban đầu.

PACKING: 20 filter bags


Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and out of reach of children.


The tea has an excretory effect after 6 hours of use, helping to eliminate intestinal toxins.

Combine drinking this tea with proper nutrition and exercise to accelerate the slimming effect.


It is not to be used by pregnant and lactating women, people with anemia or thin blood, and women who are in their menstrual cycle.

With the above information, we hope that 10 Day Detox Herbal Tea will become your companion to help you maintain your figure. Be a wise consumer and use the appropriate type of tea for yourself so that possessing a beautiful body is no longer a concern every day!

Please note that, 10 Day Detox herbal tea has a very fragrant aroma and an easy-to-drink herbal taste. It is not as bitter as other ordinary teas.

The effect is clearly proven that many customers have successfully lost weight (up to 3 kg after only 1 treatment). What are you waiting for? Please contact us immediately to own the golden key to possess an ideal body!

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